Email Marketing Deep Dive: Ritual

Deep Dive Details

I did a deep-dive into Ritual Supplements' email marketing, so you don't have to!

Brand Details

Ritual Supplements is a supplement brand with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients that targets a younger audience.

Step 1: subscribe

I signed up to hear from Ritual in a pop up on their website’s homepage. I had seen this brand a lot recently, so I was intrigued to check them out and see what they were all about.

The Welcome Flow: Hits & Misses

A Few Hits

  • 24-hour window
  • Flow addresses probable pain points
  • Strong subject lines
  • Dedicated content pages
  • Vibrant images & .gifs
  • Feature popular products
  • Featured value propositions
  • Aggressive list-cleaning (good for bigger brands)
  • Utilized a survey in their churn

A Few Misses

  • Utilize images rather than HTML text too often
  • Some images were too small
  • Failed to use preview lines
  • Lacked product information
  • Received the exact same email for four consecutive days (whoopsie, or interesting marketing tactic?)


Favorite Subject Lines

  • “Chew on this.”
  • “Hold the anchovies.”

Favorite Email

My favorite email was the build your bundle email. I liked the visual & the build.

Least Favorite Email

My least favorite email was “From The Ground Up.” No HTML text was used and the images were too small.

Find out more about Ritual’s email marketing by checking out the full YouTube video. Learn more about our Deep Dive series below and be sure to subscribe to my channel. Who knows, we may deep dive your favorite brand next!

The Emails

Ritual Supplements' Initial Welcome Email from Pop Up
Ritual Supplements' Second Welcome Series Email
Ritual Supplements' Product-Focused Welcome Email
Ritual Supplements' Bundle & Value Propositions

About the Deep Dive Series

I am using my 10+ years of email marketing experience to go behind the scenes of some of the biggest brands’ email marketing. I’m looking at overall strategy, design, timing, messaging, and more! I will be posting a deep dive every week to my YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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