Email Marketing Audit


Allow up between 7-14 business days for the audit to be completed.

Get a pulse on your email marketing

If you’ve been struggling with your email marketing and not sure if what you’ve built is optimized or even working correctly?

Allow our team to take a look under the hood to review your current account setup, flows, segmentation, and more. Not only that but our team will review your metrics to let you know what is underperforming.

With this audit completed, we will then develop an audit summary and a 3-month roadmap on our suggested changes to get your account on the optimal track.

How does the audit work?

After submitting your request for an audit and roadmap – you’ll just need to add us into your email marketing platform so that we can start diving into the data!

We are fast, efficient, and will only be reviewing data points, nothing you are currently running will be disrupted.

We will then begin to dive into the data!

Everything from reviewing your campaign sends, your flow set-up, segmentations, and everything in-between. From that review process, we will map out what you can do within a 3-month roadmap to implement those optimizations. 

After The Audit is Completed...

We deliver your audit and roadmap!

We will hop on a call with you to talk through your roadmap and what we’ve uncovered during your audit.

From this conversation, you’ll be able to walk away with actionable changes you can work on within your business and if needed – we are here to help implement those changes alongside you.