Adding First Name Tag In Your Emails - Klaviyo Tutorial

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Posted By Peyton Fox | August 25th, 2023

Hey there {{First_Name}}, see what I did there! Okay, I’ll get right into it!

This is a quick tutorial on how to add a subscriber’s first name into the subject line or into your email message.

Adding in the ‘First Name’ field in your Klaviyo email is an amazing way to capture your subscriber’s attention in a super personalized way. Luckily, getting the First Name field pulled can be really simple with just a quick edit in the Klaviyo editor.

The easiest way to get this email tag pulled is it click the personalization icon at the top of your email builder.

First Name Field Email Klaviyo
Inserting the first name field in Klaviyo

From there it will product this first name tag: {{ first_name|default:” }}

Email Tip: Make sure to put something after default! This is the fallback is someone doesn’t have their first name stored in your Klaviyo account.

For example: 
{{ first_name|default:’there’ }}  or. {{ first_name|default:’friend’ }}!

Besides First Name, there are tons of other profile fields you can dynamically plug into your Klaviyo email template.

Happy emailing!

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