5 Email Marketing Examples for Food and Beverage Brands

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Posted By Peyton Fox | September 12th, 2023

Email Marketing Examples For Food Brands

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, few tools have proven as versatile and effective as email marketing. For food and beverage brands, in particular, harnessing the potential of email campaigns has become a recipe for success. 

Email marketing has changed how food and drink businesses connect with their audience. It has also changed how they build brand loyalty. Additionally, it has helped them succeed in a competitive market.

Prepare yourself to enjoy success stories. These stories involve well-crafted emails that transformed casual customers into loyal ones. Additionally, they feature the perfect combination of visuals and words that left customers craving for more. Discover how email marketing has transformed the food and beverage industry.

Email marketing has changed the food and beverage industry. You can learn the strategies and see examples that have helped brands connect with their audience. These brands have won over their hearts and taste buds.

Is Email Marketing Important For Food & Beverage Brands?

The short answer, definitely!

Imagine you have a new customer. They liked your product. However, life gets in the way for them. As a result, they may not buy again. And shortly after, their great experience with you is basically a distant moment in their day-to-day.

This is where email marketing comes in.

It is that perfect reminder of – Hey, we’re still here – you still love us! To make them convert, you may need to send several messages. The key is to keep the content fresh, relevant, and inspiring to them

Email marketing example #1: Customer Review Email

Customer Review Email Example
Email Example, Curiada

As subscribers learn about your brand and product, they want to know more about the actual experience! This is especially true for food and beverage consumers. You need to inspire them and make them feel like they can taste your product directly from your email. 

It shows that others had success with your product, building trust and credibility by offering a different viewpoint.

Reviews can also be a sneaky way to address your lead’s concerns as well! Maybe they aren’t sure your product will taste good? Boom – here are reviews of people describing the taste and how much they love it!

There are TONS of ways to cherry-pick your customer reviews to tell a targeted story in your email. To encourage action, you can add a link to reviews on your website or social media. This allows people to read more reviews if they want or go directly to the product mentioned in the review. 

Email marketing example #2: Product Education Email

These emails are important for keeping your subscribers informed about how to maximize the benefits of your product. You can use these emails to provide helpful resources featuring recipes, case studies, and customer success stories. This helps them ensure they are getting the most out of their potential purchase and encourages further engagement with your brand.

Plus, this is one prompt you can have SO MUCH FUN WITH!

You don’t need to overwhelm your subscribers with long explanations about your product. Instead, provide them with interesting viewpoints and content. The possibilities for product breakdown emails are endless, so have fun with it! Get creative and show off your brand’s personality in each email.

Sanzo Cocktail Email Example

The same-old, same-old ‘here is what we sell’ product email isn’t going to cut it long-term. Subscribers should feel motivated to visit your site again, and these fresh approaches can assist in showcasing your product. 

This Sanzo beverage brand focuses on ‘Summer Cocktails’ and suggests ways to combine their drinks for a cocktail fusion. A fun way to visual a new way to enjoy their products.

These types of content pieces can help build relationships with customers because it provides value to the subscriber.

 It also helps in boosting engagement and click-through rates for your emails if you are able to tie this fun content to engaging landing pages on your site as well. 

Email marketing example #3: Promotion and sales email

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 3.42.38 PM
Promotional Email From Chamberlain Coffee

Of course you can’t forget about the ever important promotional emails. Regardless of the brand or approach, your promotional messages will be more successful than any others you send. A hard truth but people love a good deal!

Don’t feel like you have to give the whole kit-n-ka-boodle in your promotional emails. You can give a free gift when purchasing Chamberlain Coffee. Alternatively, you can have a temporary promotion on a specific category of products that you sell. The most important thing with promotional emails is ensuring that the promotion is front and center.

It’s important to prioritize emails and ensure that the promotion is visible at the top of their inbox.

You want them to instantly know – there is a sale and this is for me!

Email marketing example #4: Loyalty Program Emails

If you don’t have a Loyalty Program for your CPG brand, I suggest considering adding one. It can do absolute wonders for your bottom-line and customer retention through the use of apps like Yotpo or LoyaltyLion. 

Once you have that sending, you can then have so much fun with your loyalty email marketing. You can use gamification to keep customers engaged and coming back for more by using points reminders and content generators.

Death Wish Coffee_Promotional Email Example
Loyalty & Rewards Emails By Death Wish

Email marketing example #5: Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes emails are a great way to engage your subscribers and build relationships. Use private emails to show readers who you are and what your product/work is like. 

Sharing stories, lessons, creative process, and introducing team members are great topics to engage subscribers.

By revealing the behind-the-scenes process, you demonstrate to your subscribers that they can have faith in your brand. Additionally, you show them the advantages of being on your list.

Behind The Scenes Email Example
Behind The Scenes Emails By Partake

Final Big Takeaways: Email Marketing For Food & Beverage Brands

Email marketing has changed how brands interact with their audience, create excitement, and achieve success in the food and beverage industry. 

Creating effective email campaigns is essential for enticing taste buds, establishing connections, and promoting business growth. In today’s world, every email presents a valuable opportunity. If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, or specialty food business, email marketing can help attract customers and increase sales. It offers many opportunities to promote your products and connect with your target audience. 

I’m excited for you to use these delicious examples. They will inspire your email marketing strategies. This will help your brand stay at the forefront of this tasty revolution.

Want even more examples? Check out our portfolio here to see what we’ve cooked up for our clients. 

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