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Posted By Peyton Fox | October 3rd, 2023

Email marketing isn’t just for clothing and shoe brands; it’s a powerful tool that has become vital in the CBD industry. Email marketing emerges as a lifeline for CBD brands in a landscape marked by strict regulations, consumer skepticism, and numerous social media platform restrictions on CBD-related content. However, despite the drawbacks, CBD brands can still succeed with the right email marketing agency.

Email agencies allow CBD brands to interact with their customers on a personal level, delivering tailored messages directly to their inboxes. Emails provide a direct channel for communication that allows for deeper connections.

 Top 5 CBD Marketing Agencies

#1: Artic Leaf- A UX/UI design and implementation agency.

#2: Sherpa- An agency that works exclusively with Cannabis/CBD.

#3: Boundless Labs- Full stack marketing agency specializing in strategy.

#4: Icarus Digital Marketing- Runs ads and drives traffic to your CBD brand.

#5: Spark Bridge Digital- Great for email marketing + SMS for e-commerce brands

Artic Leaf is based in California and has offices in America and Canada.  While they specialize in UX/UI design, they also offer email marketing for CBD brands. Arctic Leaf’s approach to email marketing is comprehensive, customized, and flexible. They will collaborate closely with you to build loyalty-centered strategies to drive up sales and create lasting connections with your customer base. They understand the importance of strategy and will work with your brand to create a content calendar to get the most out of your brand’s email marketing. Specific email marketing strategies they utilize are personalization and tailoring content to match your brand’s needs. A/B split testing to optimize results and segmentation to personalize customer experience.

Unfortunately, they do not offer pricing on their website, but you can reach out to them and request a quote. 


Artifc Leaf has worked closely with Social CBD using Klaviyo. Their case study outlines what Social CBD wanted and how Artic Life used its skills to deliver premium email marketing to Social CBD.

A Portland-based agency that works exclusively with CBD brands and specializes in web design, SEO, and E-commerce. Active in the CBD community and frequently attends meetups, events, and trade shows to give back to the cannabis community and expand public knowledge about CBD. Many payment gateways aren’t always industry-friendly; Sherpa uses payment gateways that are about to circumvent these blockers. 

Sherpa focuses heavily on E-commcerce CBD brands with tactics targeted at collecting data to sell more products and raise website traffic. Their goal is to market to individuals and segment email lists to contain rewards to build a loyal customer base.


Because Sherpa works exclusively with CBD brands, their portfolio offers many examples of different brands they have worked with and what they strive for. 

Sherpa clients are selected based on their strategy, business ethics, and longevity goals. Some notable CBD plans Sherpa has worked with concerning E-commerce include Lux Botanics, Find CBD, and RxField CBD.

A results-driven New York-based marketing agency that recognizes the struggles CBD brands can face when it comes to marketing. They offer free auditing from their team of experts. You can schedule a 15-minute audit call or a 30-minute consultation. Dedicated team members will write, design, plan, and manage your needed strategy, which can include the use of campaigns, automated emails, and A/B testing. 

Flowium also provides copywriting services to craft an SMS strategy that can be in your email marketing campaigns or by itself. Always keeping your brand’s success at the forefront of their minds, they offer auditing to ensure your brand is seeing a growth in success and, if not- what they can do to improve it. If you want to learn more about how to navigate email marketing, they offer course options and a podcast that allows you to stay updated with eCommerce Email & SMS Marketing.


While not exclusively a CBD marketing agency, Flowium has worked with several CBD brands. One in particular, as seen on CBS, ABC, Fox, and many others, is Honest Paws. A pet-friendly organic CBD brand that supports your furry friend’s health and wellness.

Icarus Digital Marketing is a CBD-exclusive paid advertising agency. Their primary focus revolves around targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Google, and Facebook designed to improve website traffic and boost revenue for your business. Valuing transparency, Icarus has a client portal to view the activity on their platform in real time. 

They do not offer pricing on their site but provide free consultations to determine if your brand is a good fit. For a US CBD brand, consider time delays as Icarus is European-based.


Featuring Love Hemp: One of the UK’s biggest CBD companies uses Icarus Digital Marketing’s transparent and compliant ad platform to monitor their progress across the most popular social media platforms.

One of the best-rated email marketing agencies based out of Florida that focuses on E-commerce brands. Spark Bridge Digital is dedicated to your CBD brand’s success and doesn’t leave you stuck in contracts or long-term commitments. Know precisely what you’re getting; Spark Bridge is very transparent about companies they have worked for, and you can even take closer looks at these emails under the “Email Designs” tab.

Spark Bridge Digital will build your brand an “Email Marketing Ecosystem,” providing automated marketing, custom email templates, list segmentation, and more to give your brand that competitive edge. If your brand needs some direction, you can get a free 30-minute consultation, an audit checklist template, and a welcome email template to help you get started.


Spark Bridge Digital works closer with brands like FOCL, A CBD brand that understands the importance of mental health awareness and firmly believes “Feeling Better Is Everything.”

Characteristics That Make a Great Marketing Agency For CBD Brands

  • Compliance/Regulations: CBD regulations vary from state to state and country to country; select a marketing agency that is very knowledgeable about the specific laws in the regions in which your brand operates. CBD products cannot contain health claims or medical terminology; make sure your marketing agency understands this. Select a CBD marketing agency that ensures your brand aligns with the accurate labeling of your products. This includes ingredients, dosages, instructions on how to use the products, and a listing of potential side effects. 


  • Creative Approach: Creativity is vital in marketing. The marketing agency you select should have a team of creative individuals who can create creative marketing campaigns that stand out. They should be able to create content for your brand that includes visually appealing designs and unique approaches to connect with the customers on a personal level and build trust. Marketing agencies should give your brand that aesthetic appeal coupled with creating unforgettable impressions that attract attention in the minds of consumers. Showcasing educational content around CBD that displays information creatively but also dispels myths surrounding CBD to make a knowledgeable customer base should also be a good quality to look for when choosing a marketing agency. 


  • Transparency: A good relationship is built on trust and transparency. A CBD marketing agency that embraces clarity becomes a beacon of honesty and reliability for your brand. Consumer caution is especially prominent in the CBD industry; a good email marketing agency should approach your brand’s wants and needs honestly and comprehensively.  You want to know what you’re paying for, avoid marketing agencies who are unclear about their practices or pricing structures. They should be able to provide feedback based on data about how your brand is doing and ways to improve your brand’s success constantly. Addressing concerns quickly and honestly shows that they strive to do their best for your brand.

When selecting a CBD marketing agency, always choose one that understands the complex landscape of regulations and shows an unwavering commitment to accurate product labeling and marketing ethics. Imagination and a deep understanding of educational content are vital in forming genuine connections with customers and dispelling CBD myths. Beyond the creative content, transparency is the pillar of a successful partnership. The marketing agency should demonstrate practices, pricing structures, and performance data transparency. When looking for a marketing agency, pick the best one built on integrity, data-driven insights, and relentless commitment to your brand’s success.


Finding the best marketing agency is crucial to the success of your CBD business in the complex marketing landscape. With strict regulations and ever-changing market trends, partnering with the right agency can make all the difference. These CBD-friendly agencies understand the unique challenges of marketing CBD products, and all possess different expertise to help your CBD brand create compelling email campaigns that resonate with your customer base. 

Embracing the expertise of the best email marketing agencies for CBD guarantees that your business stays ahead of current trends and delivers impactful content that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and leads to the continued success of your CBD brand.

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