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Posted By Peyton Fox | October 3rd, 2023

As a beverage company in a busy industry, finding innovative ways to connect with your target audience, build customer loyalty, and bring in more revenue can seem like a complex or impossible task. Enter the realm of email marketing, a powerful tool for brand success that fosters meaningful engagement and fosters lasting relationships with customers. 

Choosing the right email marketing agency that fits your brand’s needs and wants is pivotal. This blog presents a curated list of the best email marketing agencies, specifically with beverage brands in mind. 

These agencies provide email marketing to create compelling email campaigns, drive customer loyalty, and boost sales. 

Based out of New York, they aim to help businesses grow in online sales and e-commerce revenue. Their services include websites, digital marketing, online ads, mobile applications, campaigns, content management, and interactive games. They are “brand-first” with all their solutions, starting with a deep dive into the client’s brand. They strive to explore, innovate, and focus on storytelling. 

While they do not list their pricing online, you can call, email, or fill out a form to request a quote.


Crafted has worked with Pavan Liqueur de France, a liqueur made in South France. They wanted to reinvent the wheel and bring a fresh new spin to the United States. Their responsive design lets customers learn about liqueur, explore recipes, and purchase bottles from their sight.  

An exclusive e-commerce email marketing agency, Supplydrop helps clients see improvements in their revenue. Their primary focus areas are email calendaring, high-frequency email sends, and objection-based email creative. They feature their pricing online for both full-service e-commerce packages and SMS packages. The E-commerce Package is 4,000 to 6,000, with the number of emails and resents per month varying. The SMS Package ranged from $500 a month to $1500, with the number of SMS messages depending on the package chosen. 

Case Studies

Cup & Leaf is a woman-owned tea company that saw email revenue double in 30 days with Supplydrop. This was accomplished by an entire email funnel revamp, an upgrade to their email creative, and identifying best-performing offers.

Common Good

Formerly known as LRXD, Common Good is an email marketing brand based in Denver, Colorado, with a mission to elevate food and beverage brands. To help beverage brands survive in the industry, they approach marketing with a comprehensive and dedicated approach to help them stand out from the crowd. 

Common Good approaches marketing with a strategic, detailed approach in five stages: Uncover, futurize, develop, express, and optimize. These are used to help brands see increased success according to data and stand the test of time. They don’t feature any pricing on their website, but you can either call, email, or even meet them in person.

Case Studies

Common Good has worked on several well-known brands, one of them being Evian. Newer water brands are on the rise, and Evian’s success was being infringed on. They aimed to redesign the packaging to promote visual identity and improve visibility.

One of the oldest food and beverage agencies around, they help clients build their revenue through email marketing, culinary consulting, marketing automation, product development, and more. The Food Group uses a five-step plan for brand success- strategize, create, activate, innovate, and sell. Delving into data and using their experience, they delve deep into marketing insights to help find what best suits your brand. 

They practice sustainability, looking to help clients make environmentally friendly choices regarding packaging and eliminating waste. They are part of a program called “Reset the Table,” which uses their passion for the food and beverage industry to foster equality in the food industry. They share job postings, events, and career advice with women in the industry.

Case Studies

The Food Group helped S&D Coffee & Tea expand into a broader category and reposition them as beverage innovators both internally and externally. They focused on what the client needed and the challenges they came across and provided easy and profitable solutions through content and social media.

An email marketing agency based out of Florida that has worked with several food and beverage companies over the years. Spark Bridge uses a strategy built for e-commerce brands for continued success and a steady revenue stream. A Non-agency, agency that doesn’t lock their clients into long-term contracts or commitments. 

Their website has an “Email Designs” tab that allows you to look at what they offer and previous beverage brands they’ve worked with. You can join their newsletter for a free welcome email template, an audit checklist, a performance template, and a marketing content calendar. You can book a 30-minute audit on their website free of charge!

Case Studies

A coffee brand based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Peace Coffee saw a complete Klaviyo re-design under Spark Bridge Digital, with added content management and audience segmentation. Using segmentation, Peace Coffee had a +48% average open rate increase and a massive boost in revenue.

What Makes a Great Email Marketing Company

  • Expertise: An expert marketing agency keeps up with the ever-changing trends in the digital age. They understand how to work with social media platform algorithms and the nuances of SEO. Select a marketing agency that understands how to interpret data and use customer insights to benefit clients.


  • Responsive Design: With statistics showing that 85% of users use smartphones to access email, it’s crucial that a great email marketing company understands the importance of using SMS and mobile-friendly emails to pull in more customers. SMS messages have high open rates and are perfect for time-sensitive offers, promotions, and event reminders. Just like email marketing, mobile-friendly marketing can be highly personalized and segmented based on customer preferences and behaviors. 


  • Automation: A good email marketing company knows its way around email automation and how to set up and manage workflows. A great email marketing company uses email automation to transform brands into active responders, addressing the needs and preferences of their customers. A great marketing agency understands that for continued success, brands can’t just convey information; they need automation to build lasting relationships and promote customer loyalty.


  • Client Support: Outstanding client support stands out and can indicate a great marketing company. Successful email marketing companies spend time understanding their client’s goals, needs, and target audiences and are always there to promptly answer any questions or concerns. They regularly provide updates and detailed reports to keep clients informed about the performance of their email campaigns. Additionally, they take accountability for successes and challenges, working with clients to address possible obstacles. Excellent client support isn’t just an add-on; it’s an essential part of what makes an email marketing company great and allows your beverage brand to see continued success.


  • An Amazing Portfolio: Always check their portfolio and case studies before selecting a marketing agency. You should be able to make out eye-catching designs from their previous work and believe they can do your beverage brand justice and help you stand out. See what brands they have worked with and the results of their work with the brand before making any decisions. 


  • Testimonials: What are others saying about this marketing agency? Especially other beverage brands like yourself? Agencies can claim to be the best- but do customer reviews back up this statement? Look to see on social media, google, and from other clients they have worked with to see how well the agency did for them before making a choice. Detailed reviews are the best; find the ones that highlight not only the success but also the challenges that came along with it and how the agency handled it

What to Look For From a Good Email Marketing Company

  • Client onboarding: It sets the tone for your collaboration with the agency and can significantly affect the success of your email marketing campaigns. To ensure a productive and fruitful partnership, you want to look for an agency that understands your business goals and can help you improve them. These goals include website traffic, enhancing brand awareness, and increasing sales. Find a marketing agency that takes these goals seriously and lays out an excellent plan to tackle them. 


  • Flexibility: Your chosen marketing agency should have a good understanding of the latest technology but also be able to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing trends and respond to them quickly. A flexible marketing agency should also work with you to make the necessary changes as your business grows. Pick a marketing agency that welcomes change and easily adapts your brand as needed to keep up with current trends. 


  • Results-Driven: An excellent email marketing company delivers a results-driven approach, consistently delivering impactful client outcomes. A results-driven agency not only understands the importance of clear storytelling and visually appealing designs but also stresses the importance of measurable results. A good marketing agency will carefully analyze data, concentrating on open rates, conversion metrics, click-through rates, and customer engagement levels to ensure your brand is growing its success.


  • Communication: A great email marketing agency excels in communication. They prioritize clear, transparent, and timely communication throughout the collaboration process and meet the needs and goals of their clients, ensuring that every email campaign aligns with the client’s vision. Most importantly, they inform clients about campaign progress, address concerns, and provide detailed audit reports. An agency with good communication skills shows they prioritizes your brand’s success and strive to deliver outstanding results.


As you navigate through email marketing agencies, remember that the best fit for your beverage brand isn’t just about appealing visuals and catchy headlines. Look for an agency that understands digital trends, adapts to the ever-changing market demands, and represents expertise, responsive design, and transparency. Your brand matters; select the best agency with excellent client support committed to your brand’s journey, understands your brand’s goals, and promptly addresses any concerns.

As you glance through portfolios and testimonials, look for a track record of success and confidence in facing challenges. A good agency listens, strategizes, and innovates and does all this while keeping your brand’s identity and goals at the forefront. Your ideal email marketing agency creates a collaborative effort between themselves and your brand to craft narratives and see measurable results. Don’t wait- with the right agency at your side, your beverage brand will thrive, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and increasing your brand’s revenue.

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