6 CBD Emails We're Loving in 2023

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Posted By Peyton Fox | September 25th, 2023

6 CBD Emails We're Loving in 2023

As 2023 unfolds, CBD brands are looking for unique and impactful ways to stand out in the inbox from providing wellness tips to product releases and industry insights. The CBD email marketing landscape is more vibrant than ever before. 

As we dive deeper into the realm of CBD email marketing, it’s evident that creativity and innovation have become the star of this industry. With consumers becoming increasingly discerning and informed, crafting emails that not only inform but also engage has never been more crucial. In this dynamic landscape, where every click and open rate matters, brands are experimenting with compelling narratives, stunning visuals, and irresistible offers to leave a lasting impression. 

In the following sections, we’ll unveil the top 6 CBD emails of 2023 that have captured our hearts and attention this year. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD brand or just dipping your toes into the world of marketing your company there’s something here for everyone. So, let’s dive in and explore the most captivating CBD emails of 2023!

6 CBD Emails We're Loving in 2023
Email By Vena CBD

Vena CBD’s email takes a personalized approach by addressing the recipient’s specific needs, in this case, their sleep concerns. By offering a tailored solution, it immediately captures the reader’s attention and demonstrates a commitment to meeting individual requirements. This email also includes a quiz encouraging engagement and interaction with the brand’s content, making the email more memorable and increasing the likelihood of a response. The email doesn’t just push products; it provides valuable information and guidance. It positions Vena CBD as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source, fostering a sense of credibility and authority in the CBD industry. 

Therefore, Vena CBD’s email stands out due to its personalized, interactive, and educational content, coupled with a customer-centric approach that genuinely addresses the recipient’s needs, ultimately driving engagement and potentially conversions.

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Email By Social CBD

“Meet our New Pink Lemonade Drops – Hold on to those warm summer feelings 🌞🍋🍹”

This new arrivals email has a subject line that captures attention with its mention of a new product, arousing curiosity and incentivizing recipients to open the email. Secondly, the email’s design and content are visually appealing and user-friendly, making it easy for subscribers to engage with the information. 

Lastly, this email contains high-quality product images, engaging graphics, and concise text conveying the appeal for the product. Therefore, Social CBD’s email is capturing attention, providing valuable information, encouraging action, and utilizing effective design and personalization strategies.

Penguin cBD

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Email By Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD’s recent email campaign, featuring Penguin Pete’s CBD News, exemplifies excellence in email marketing for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the monthly distribution of these emails creates a sense of anticipation and regular engagement among subscribers, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

Moreover, the content within these emails goes beyond mere product promotion, offering valuable insights into CBD products and their potential benefits. 

The email’s design and user-friendly layout make it easy for subscribers to digest the information, showcasing the brand’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the inclusion of engaging visuals, such as product images and infographics, captivates the reader’s attention and encourages click-through rates.

Furthermore, Penguin CBD’s email marketing strategy shines through its informative and engaging monthly newsletters, showcasing the brand’s commitment to educating and nurturing its customer base while effectively promoting its products. This approach sets Penguin CBD apart as a leader in the CBD industry, making their emails a prime example of effective email marketing.


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Email By FOCL

FOCL’s weekly “Feel Good Friday” emails excel in email marketing for several reasons. Firstly, they leverage the power of consistency by arriving every Friday, which establishes a routine and anticipation among subscribers. Secondly, the choice of “Feel Good” in the email title taps into emotional engagement, suggesting that the content will boost subscribers’ mood, making it more likely they’ll open and read the email.

Furthermore, the content includes positive and uplifting messages, meditation tips, soothing playlists, and more. This consistent weekly communication reinforces brand loyalty, keeping FOCL top of mind for subscribers, leading to increased sales and customer retention. Overall, FOCL’s “Feel Good Friday” emails demonstrate a strategic approach to email marketing, using timing, emotion, and consistency to connect with their audience effectively.

Not Pot

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Email By Not Pot

Not only does this company sell CBD products for humans they also sell CBD products for your pets! In this email, Not Pot includes a GIF featuring adorable animals with their products creating an instant emotional connection with recipients, making their email visually engaging and appealing. They also include in their email that the CBD is vet-approved adding credibility and trustworthiness to their brand, reassuring pet owners about the safety and efficacy of the products they are selling. Lastly, they incorporated customer reviews in this email to help potential customers see real-life success stories and encourage them to make a purchase. Overall, this combination of visual appeal, credibility, and social proof makes Not Pot a great source for CBD email marketing and a powerful strategy for driving sales and building customer trust.

Soul CBD

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Email By Soul CBD

Soul CBD’s email is exceptional in email marketing! Firstly, this email effectively capitalizes on the occasion of their 5-year anniversary, creating a sense of urgency and celebration among their subscribers. Secondly, the use of a sitewide sale announcement aligns with customer expectations for special offers during milestone events, enticing recipients to engage and make purchases. Lastly, the email incorporates compelling visuals and a clear call to action, optimizing the chances of conversions and customer retention during this significant moment in their business journey.


In the ever-evolving world of CBD, these six emails stand out as beacons of information, inspiration, and connection. Whether you’re seeking wellness guidance, product updates, a peek behind the scenes, relaxation techniques, scientific knowledge, or heartwarming stories, there’s a CBD email for you. As 2023 unfolds, we look forward to even more incredible content and insights from these CBD brands. So, be sure to keep your inbox open for the CBD emails that can elevate your well-being and enrich your CBD journey. Until then, stay informed, relaxed, and inspired!

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