6 Food And Beverage Emails We Currently Love

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Posted By Peyton Fox | September 20th, 2023

6 Food and Beverage Emails We Love

Email marketing is a powerful tool for food and beverage brands to engage with their audience, share new content, and drive sales. It’s important to your brand to deliver products and to craft engaging, personalized, and visually compelling emails that leave your customers wanting more.

The struggle to come up with a new exciting template for your audience can feel like a guessing game, that is where we come in!

We’ve scoured the internet to find six stunning emails that hit the nail on the head for not only design but optimizations for peak engagement.

Using GIFs to Grab Attention

Cocktail Brand Email Inspiration

Curiada is a spirits marketplace that specializes in featuring rare and lesser-known spirits that can often be hard to come by. (Also one of my fabulous clients!)

This email uses a GIF front and center incorporating lots of movement with the different bottles popping into the frame.

GIFs are killer for capturing customers’ attention and typically result in a high click-through rate. The use of GIFs keeps subscribers engaged, which results in the brand being able to showcase all their new spirits in one glance.

This also fits perfectly into an area called ‘Above The Fold’, which is a zone in the inbox that doesn’t require the subscriber to scroll to read more.

Making Your Brand Trustworthy

Food and Beverage Email Example 1

A sustainable coffee brand with a vibrant color scheme and a playful tone, Peace Coffee’s email is designed to capture customers’ attention right from the fold. It features essential information and a charming GIF to boost the click-through rate.

The rest of the email focuses on referrals, a valuable marketing tactic for driving more sales. People tend to trust recommendations from those they know, making it a free promotion for your CPG brand. When implementing referral promotions, it’s crucial to provide incentives for both your previous customers to refer to your brand and for the new customers to try it out. This Peace Coffee email offers 20% off plus free shipping to incentivize both new and returning customers.

Recognizable Call-To-Actions (CTA's)

Food and Beverage Example 2

FOCL, a CBD company supporting well-being effectively presents a call to action (CTA) above the fold, resulting in high click rates. Additionally, they strategically feature bundles that promote upselling, with the potential to boost revenue by selling higher-priced products.

This FOCL email also includes a Sezzle feature, an alternative payment platform offering interest-free installment plans, further increasing revenue by encouraging customers to purchase more expensive products.

This is a fantastic way to drive a cost-saving feature your subscribers may have forgotten was offered by your brand.

SMS? Yes, Please!

Magic Spoon brings a cute and playful approach to cereal and their emails match that vibe perfectly!

This email is short, sweet, and seasonal. It’s a very straightforward marketing email, featuring fall colors and images to capture attention and spark excitement for the autumn season.

This email features exclusivity with the mention of joining their SMS list! This is a common strategy we use with your clients as well. It helps to boost your SMS sign-ups as we qualify a part of your list interested in this new launch.

Many consumers open text messages moments after receiving them, enabling you to connect with customers instantly. Don’t be afraid to promote that marketing channel with your email marketing!

Food and Beverage Email Example 3

Making Your Emails More Vibrant

A healthier alternative to soda, This Olipop utilizes many effective email marketing techniques to make a very attention-grabbing email.  Olipop uses a compatible color scheme that complements each section and ensures readability. Each different pack type gets its time to shine in different categories that are organized into sections with clear calls to action and pull you to it without overwhelming the review and potentially appearing too busy. This email also features high-quality images that add to the vibrant email and look welcoming, and appealing.

Food and Beverage Email Example 4

Marketing emails are one of the footprints to growing and maintaining a successful CPG business. Create emails that not only sell the products but also engage with the customers through innovative designs, color schemes, and visually captivating emails to grab your customer’s attention and spark continued interest. In this blog, we’ve delved into six different CPG brands and their effective marketing strategies that have captured our attention. These examples showcase what makes them successful in the ever-changing, competitive food and beverage industry.

Want even more examples? Check out our portfolio here to see what we’ve cooked up for our clients. 

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