The Best Klaviyo Flows To Have For Your Brand

Jun 11, 2024

With more people turning to online shopping to avoid traffic and long checkout lines, this gives e-commerce brands a chance to build a loyal customer base and increase revenue. The best way e-commerce businesses can do this is through email marketing Klaviyo flows.

Luckily, email marketing doesn’t have to be a daunting, time-consuming task- with the help of Klaviyo, email flows have never been easier to build.

One of Klaviyo’s strengths is the ability to create “flows” or automated sequences of emails triggered by specific user actions or events. These flows are incredibly effective at nudging customers along their purchase journey and boosting your overall sales. In this blog, we will go over the best flow examples to use for your e-commerce brand to get the most out of your Klaviyo experience. 

Welcome Series Flow

When someone visits your site and opts into signing up for your newsletter, this is when the Welcome Series is triggered- it’s your chance to make or break a customer connection. These emails serve as a first impression to set the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship between your brand and the customer. Klaviyo’s quarter stats for 2023 rank their welcome series flows at a whopping 53.60% open rate, proving that the welcome series flow is vital for all e-commerce businesses. 

To get the ball rolling, set the trigger to begin the welcome series flow when a new subscriber signs up for your newsletter. This gives Klaviyo the go-ahead to send the subscriber the welcome flow emails.

After someone subscribes to your newsletter, the best thing to have Klayvio do is send a quick welcome and introduction of your brand and what your brand offers. In that email, include a discount and highlights of some of your best-selling products. This is a great way to give customers a chance to look at what your brand offers and ultimately decide if they want to make a purchase.

Twenty-four hours after the initial welcome email, it’s time to educate and provide content surrounding your brand and its mission. Tell the customer why your brand exists and why they should care. You can include a founder’s note, discuss the brand’s creation, and expand on your brand’s core values. 

Give it a day or two after the previous communication and then send the final welcome flow email – don’t let the subscriber forget about that discount mentioned in the first email! You can drive this home a bit more by showcasing some products they can use the discount toward. 

A welcome series flow is the first thing your customer will see and associate with your brand outside of your website; focus on the design and content to make the best first impression possible and let Klaviyo worry about the rest.

Welcome Series Flow Example

Abandoned Cart Flow

We’ve all done it- browsed a website, added products to our cart, and then clicked out of the website before completing the purchase. This might not seem like a big deal to customers, but for ecommerce brands, it’s a significant loss of revenue. The abandoned cart flow is designed to send a set number of emails over a few days to encourage customers to reconsider buying those items they left behind. This is one of the most essential flows to use as studies show products in abandoned carts add up to $4 trillion per year (swrve). By using Klaviyo for your abandoned cart flow, you can recapture potential lost sales and bring wandering customers back into the fold.

The abandoned cart flow triggers when a checkout is incomplete. A customer browses your website and adds items to their cart but, ultimately, for whatever reason, clicks out of your website without completing the purchase. This is when Klaviyo flows kicks in, sending automated emails to the customer to remind them that they left some items behind and encourage them to consider returning for their items. 

For this flow, we recommend setting up three emails sent in succession over a period of a few days. This allows the customer ample time to give more thought to purchasing without nagging them and having the opposite effect of pushing them away. 

Gently remind the customer of the items left behind. Set Klaviyo to send this “gentle reminder” about a day after the initial abandonment. Sending it too soon can cause it to be ignored outright. Set a trigger for 24 hours to send another email to nudge the customer with an incentive and quality images of the products left behind. You can create a sense of urgency by telling them the discount code and items won’t last or be in stock forever. The final email, which can be set to go out 24 hours after the second email, can include the product images, the discount code, and social proof like reviews and testimonials of the products and their benefit to draw the customers back for their purchase. Abandoned cart rates are astronomical- with the use of Klaviyo flows, open rates for reminder emails average around 41.18%.

If you need more guidance on navigating abandoned cart flows in Klaviyo, we’ve got you covered. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide:

[New Template Builder] Klaviyo Dynamic Abandoned Cart Emails

If you like it, consider checking out our other YouTube videos at Peyton Fox | Email Marketing Expert for even more Klaviyo tips and tricks!

Post-Purchase Follow-Up

It’s essential to stay in touch with your customer base; by sending post-purchase follow-up emails, you ensure that your customer feels appreciated, valued, and eager to return to your brand. 

This flow is perfect for building trust with new customers and keeping up a line of communication while also educating or instructing on how to use the products. You can also encourage them to follow your brand on social media to generate social proof that can be used in future emails. By using Klaviyo’s segmentation and automation tools, you can send out three emails once the customer makes the purchase and use these to keep the customer up to date until their package arrives. 

Browse Abandonment Flow

Where “Cart Abandonment” is when someone doesn’t purchase the items in their cart, “Browse Abandonment” is what happens when someone scrolls through your products and leaves the website before adding items to the cart. Using a Klaviyo flow, though, you can send targeted emails to the customer and encourage them to come back and add the items they looked at to their cart with the hope of securing a purchase by dynamically inserting the exact product they browse. Furthermore, you can do a condition split in your flow to nurture them even further about that product type. 

Start sending the emails a few hours after they leave the site. You can highlight some product details, showcase similar products to the ones looked at, and add a little incentive like a discount code. 

Customer Winback Flow

Sometimes, for their own reasons, customers stray away from your brand and need some encouragement to come back. Set the trigger for your Winback Flow to go off when no purchase has been made over a certain period of time. Time is crucial; the widely accepted recommended timeframe is three months of inactivity. This is long enough of a noticeable absence, but not long enough to where they no longer recognize your brand.  

When attempting to re-engage with the customer, make it personal- use their names and target them with specific products based on their past buying and browsing history, incentivize with discounts when they come back, showcase any new products that have come out since their departure, and provide brand and community updates. Include subject lines such as “We Miss You,” “Come Back,” or “Where Have You Been?” and use wording for the body of the email that expresses the customer has been missed and you’d love to catch up with them. By using these techniques, it makes the customer feel valued, appreciated and like they are reconnecting with an old friend. 

Birthday or Anniversary Flow

Everyone loves being wished happy birthday or congratulated on their accomplishments; customers are no different. When a customer’s birthday or their anniversary of interacting with or subscribing to your brand rolls around, send them an email to let the customer know you’ve been thinking about them.

Birthday or Anniversary flows help maintain trust and appreciation between the customer and the brand. Add a personal touch to the email by including their first name and some products you think they’d like based on past purchase history; also, take this time to give them the gift of a discount or free shipping on their next purchase. 

Klaviyo allows these flows to be seamlessly integrated into your email marketing by storing the data from a customer’s introduction with your brand (through newsletter sign-up, account creation, or initial purchase data) and being able to automate these emails when the date of interaction anniversary or their birthday arrives. By adding personalization through specially catered messages and product highlights, Klaviyo flows ensure that each customer feels special when this email comes. 

Birthday or Anniversary Flow Example

Tips for Effective Klaviyo Flows

Now that you know the most effective Klaviyo flows, let’s discuss some different things to include to get the most out of your emails.

1. Personalization

To truly connect with your audience, personalization is key. Klaviyo’s dynamic tags allow you to insert personalized content such as the recipient’s name, past purchase history, and behaviors into your emails. Using this level of personalization makes the customer feel valued and not just another number on your email list. You can craft your emails to highlight new products from that brand or offer personalized recommendations. By using Klaviyo to leverage the data you have on each customer, your messages can become a one-on-one conversation, increasing engagement and the likelihood of conversion.

2. Segmentation

Segmentation is another great tool in Klaviyo that lets you send the right message to the right person at the right time. You can segment your customer base by grouping them based on specific criteria, such as buying behavior, location, or engagement level, you can tailor your messaging to resonate best with different segments. Segmented flows don’t just increase the communication between brand and customers; they also prevent email fatigue for customers who might otherwise receive irrelevant content.

3. A/B Testing

A/B testing in Klaviyo allows you to test different elements of your emails, from different subject lines to call-to-action buttons to content and design. By sending variant A to one segment of your audience and variant B to another, you can gather and collect data on which elements perform best and change your approach accordingly. This method of testing helps in understanding what resonates with your audience, leading to better open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. 

4. Mobile Optimization

If your emails aren’t optimized for smartphones, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to see increased engagement and sales. With the majority of emails being opened on mobile devices, Klaviyo flows need to be designed with mobile responsiveness in mind. This means having clear layouts, responsive clickable buttons, and text that is easy to read on various screens. By ensuring your emails look as good on a phone or tablet as they do on a desktop, you’re creating a seamless experience for your users, which can directly impact and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Implementing these tips within your Klaviyo email marketing strategy can help to significantly improve the performance of your campaigns. Personalization and segmentation make your communications more relevant, A/B testing enhances your content’s effectiveness, and mobile optimization ensures accessibility, with all of these elements together driving better results from your email flows.


The strategic implementation of tailored Klaviyo flows is vital for businesses seeking to bolster their digital marketing efforts. Personalized and segmented email campaigns are more than just tools for communication; they are the foundation for nurturing lasting relationships with customers. By integrating these flows into your Klaviyo campaigns, businesses can see a significant increase in click rates, open rates, conversions, customer loyalty, and, ultimately, more sales. By capitalizing on the power of Klaviyo’s robust marketing automation, your brand can craft not just emails but experiences that convert bystanders into active engagers, one click at a time.

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